Saturday, August 15, 2015

Office Depot / OfficeMax Savings Program

EMTA Enterprises is proud to present our clients with a wonderful benefit program!   Through EMTA Enterprises, our clients can now receive savings of up to 80% on office and school supplies from Office Depot AND OfficeMax. You can shop online or go to the nearest Office Depot location to take advantage of these special discounted prices on products and services. All online orders are delivered next day with free shipping on orders over $50.
   Please give these savings cards to your employees or clients so they can begin saving immediately!   If you a LARGE number of cards, call or email us and we’ll send more!  You can go to and click on “Shop Online” to receive your savings online or click on “Print Free Card” to print the discount card for use at Office Depot/OfficeMax locations. This program is 100% FREE to all EMTA Enterprises clients! Just shop and save!

For more information about this program OR to set up TRAINING at your facility,  visit or

CALL TOLL FREE 1-877-235-3682

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